We are a full service financial and legal consultancy covering large parts of Sweden with offices in Stockholm and Luleå and a staff of approximately 30 employees. We also have offices in the south of France where we not only assist Scandinavian companies and individuals in solving their financial issues but also assist French companies with similar issues in Sweden. Our staff is fluent in English and Swedish. In addition, we have several employees who speak good Finnish and others who know French as well. German and Spanish are also used, but with some limitations.

We provide guidance on issues such as starting up a business in Sweden, choosing the company type, human resources, corporate banking, and more. Decisions such as whether to establish an affiliate or a subsidiary in Sweden, or whether to register as a foreign company are critical. Similarly, establishing employment conditions from the start that are customized for the Swedish market and regulations is important. We handle the formation of companies and ensure that everything is registered properly with the authorities. Creating effective and accurate procedures for confirmations, payments, payroll, accounting, reporting, etc. is standard procedure for us.

For foreign companies without offices in Sweden, we provide our office as their registered mailing address. We offer meeting rooms if needed, and have some fully furnished offices that can be rented for shorter or longer durations.

Supplier invoices that arrive to our office are scanned and sent via the internet and can be confirmed from anywhere in the world. We handle normal payments by proxy at the bank. For reporting, we are adaptable and can adhere to the parent company’s routines.

Annual financial reports and tax declarations are prepared after the end of each fiscal year. If the company has an auditor, we maintain regular contact with the appropriate agent. As we are not auditors, we operate independently from auditing functions.

Our corporate lawyers can provide guidance on legal and tax matters.

Contact information

Monica Odén
Office manager Stockholm
Tel: +46 (0)8 51006902

Joakim Hedqvist
Office manager Luleå
Tel: +46 (0)920 47 50 20

Lars Thörn
Corporate Lawyer
Tel: +46 (0)8 51006903

Peter Westerberg
La France
Tel: +46 (0)8 51006901 (Sweden)
Tel: +33 (0)6 82389998 (France)